Financial Value
Equilibrium provides an exceptional financial value for substance abuse treatment. Due to the fact that clients receive the highest-quality treatment through an outpatient program, Equilibrium is able to keep the treatment affordable for our clients.
Patients pay on a quarterly basis at a fraction of typical inpatient treatment costs. Equilibrium does not accept insurance, which allows us to keep costs low and maintain a small panel of patients who receive personalized, private, clinical care.

Quality Care
Clients who are working toward Opioid recovery at Equilibrium are served by clinically trained doctors, psychologists, therapists and other professionals who use effective, scientifically-based practices. We apply evidence-based treatment for all physical, mental, and emotional needs of our clients. This approach secures our clients the results they desire and need. In addition to a variety of therapeutic services and support groups, Suboxone may be used as a substance abuse treatment to ease the transition on the path to recovery. Our well-known physicians are revered Suboxone doctors in Utah.

Personalized Treatment
Each client is a V.I.P. to Equilibrium and receives treatment in a discrete and confidential manner. Upholding the privacy of our clientele is a core element of Equilibrium’s value of integrity. This value is the building block to creating a long-term relationship of trust. Clientele can be assured that their privacy will be protected. In addition, we understand that maintaining connections to one’s family, friends, school or career is critical. Our outpatient services allow people to stay engaged with their lives, while being freed from addiction.